About Us

Exim Fumigation Services. was founded by Mr Ujjal Mitra in 2006 at Kolkata. The company offered anti termite treatment and general pest control in the beginning. The clients were mainly in Kolkata. In a short time, realizing the potential of the business, branch opened at Haldia, Bangaon and now at Jharsuguda, Odisha.

Fumigation service began with the growth of Kolkata Port Trust. Strong focus on customer service combined with aggressive sales efforts contributed to phenomenal growth and an ever-increasing list of clientele. The company prospered and its service was recognized by fumigation service seekers like shipping agents, and exporters of food commodities and agricultural produce.

With the founders’ expertise and skill, good fumigation practices were put in place for both Aluminium Phosphide as well as Methyl Bromide. This won for the company a reputation for highly reliable and failure-free fumigation.

In 2005, it became mandatory for wooden packaging material (WPM) to be fumigated prior to export under ISPM 15. This led to an exponential increase in the demand for Methyl Bromide fumigation.

Using Methyl Bromide and Aluminium Phosphide (Phosphin) gas for its operations, EFS is equipped to provide quarantine and import fumigation and pre-shipment fumigation of export commodities in bulk, liner, chartered vessels and sea-going containers in West Bengal. EFS is registered and accredited with Directorate of PPQ&S, Govt. of India, as per the latest national and international standards (NSPM- 11 & 12, ISPM- 15) and this thus authorized to carry out fumigation of wooden packing material and affix the ISPM-15 mark. Our fumigation establishment have been authorized to carry out fumigation as per the latest AFAS- AQIS Methyl Bromide Standard for Cargo to Australia.

The art of science of fumigation is highly specialized and technical, requiring a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience. Fumigants are highly toxic gases and great consideration is given to safety, using latest monitoring and detection equipments. EFS also offer fumigation of bagged commodities, warehoused, silos, containers and ship holds.