Phosphine Fumigation

Aluminium Phosphide is in the form of tablets and pouches. It is used worldwide for fumigation of raw and processed commodities including grains, tobacco, cocoa beans, nuts seeds, animal feeds, tea, coffee leaf, wheat flour, processed spices and dried fruits. It can also be used for fumigating storage structures like silos warehouses, flour mills, ship holds e.t.c.

Exim Fumigation Services’s Phosphine fumigation treatment is a simple, cost effective method of eliminating insect pests in bulk commodities and can be used as a curative pest control solution.

Fumigation of Shipping Cargo

Transportation containers imported into the India from around the world can be conveniently fumigated aboard ship or in port. The flexible treatment option proves effective by permeating through the container and eliminating all pest insects within shipment.

Warehouse Fumigation

Post harvest storage in India in predominantly within warehouse structures. Industry leaders have acknowledged the economic reliability of warehouse storage and have integrated post production warehouse storage to enhance their product life. Warehouse provides greater flexibility of storage of different type of commodities.

Fumigation in a warehouse greatly depends on the commodity stored inside a warehouse. Therefore a combined process of integrated pest management and fumigation must be practiced to maintain the quality and integrity of the cargo. Exim Fumigation Services has extensive experience to maintain warehouses to keep it pest free.

Silo Fumigation

Exim Fumigation Services has large-scale experience in carrying out silo fumigation. Currently we are maintaining silos across various location in West Bengal.

In importace of Silo in post harvest storage is an important factor which contributes to steady supply of grains and consistent profit. If fumigation methods and storage infrastructures are built, the consistancy of profitabilty of grain trade can be improve. Specific conditions such as breakages of grain and moisture levels which impact quality can be monitored. Structural audits and chek of silos should take place prior to each seasons harvest as the health of silo directyl impacts the efficacy of fumigation.