Heat Treatment – ISPM 15

One of our approved treatments under ISPM 15 is Heat Treatment, also known as HT. The purpose of the plant is to ensure that the wood is heated to a specific temperature for a specific duration to effectively eliminate any pests and their larvae present in the wood.

Methyl Bromide Fumigation

Methyl Bromide (MBr) Fumigation is the only chemical treatment accepted for ISPM 15. MBr is highly penetrative, can kill insect eggs, highly toxic to a broad spectrum of insects and similar pests, and is lethal even in relatively short exposure periods.

Wooden Pallet and Boxes

We are Manufacturing ISPM 15 Heat Treated Premium Wooden Pallets and Boxes at our manufacturing unit- “EXIMPACK”. As a Licensed Saw Mill from a 10,000 sq ft of our production unit near Maheshtala we are catering to the industry requirements of high quality packaging products and services.

Phosphine Fumigation

Aluminium Phosphide is in the form of tablets and pouches. It is used worldwide for fumigation of raw and processed commodities including grains, tobacco, cocoa beans, nuts seeds, animal feeds, tea, coffee leaf, wheat flour, processed spices and dried fruits.

Phytosanitary Certificate

A Phytosanitary Certificate is an official document required when shipping regulated articles such as plants, plant products or other regulated articles. We assist our customers (Exporters, Importers & CHAs) to obtain Phytosanitary Certificates.

Termite Control

Termites are particularly troublesome pests as they can cause serious damage to your home or workplace, and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. We offer both pre and post construction anti-termite treatments to ensure your home and property are protected from destructive termite attacks.

Professional Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are infamous for spreading extremely dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, brain fever, cerebral malaria and filariasis. We provide professional mosquito control service for your business. The primary goal is to keep homes and families safe from mosquitoes.

Container Selection & Inspection

If it is possible to select a container before cargo is loaded into it the selection procedure we are following below… 1) The containers should be positioned to allow easy […]